High Quality Nap Mats & Nap Mat Covers At Low Prices!

For 1″ Thick KinderMat

Strap Instructions:

1. Lay the mat flat. Pull on your nap mat cover, making sure the straps are on the bottom. Snap your cover closed.  Straighten the cover.

2.  Flip the attached pillow up off the nap mat so it extends above the top of the mat.  If you purchased a blanket, lay this on top of the mat. Fold up the extending side of the blanket so it lies flat on the mat:

4. Fold the entire mat into a “W”:

5. Fold completely closed, then place the bundle on its side (pillow will be on top). Locate the long strap and bring the strap over the pillow like so:

Another view:

Back view:

6. Bring the long strap through the D-rings.

7. Feed the strap over and through, like so:

8. Pull the strap tightly to fasten securely:

9. Turn the bundle over, and lift by the strap for easy carrying.

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